New Zealand CEO Survey 2017

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Instructions for installation

Please note that this app will only work on an iPad.

App - step 1

Step 1

Follow this link to download our app (168MB):

The app will then appear on your iPad as it appears here on the left.

App - step 2

Step 2

If you try and open the app now, you’ll get a short message telling you the app is currently untrusted. You’ll have to enable it as a trusted app through your settings.

App - step 3

Step 3

Enter your settings and select General.

App - step 4

Step 4

Scroll all the way down to Device Management and click on it. It should be the third from the bottom.

App - step 5

Step 5

Select “Williams Lea Pty Ltd”

App - step 6

Step 6

Select “Trust Williams Lea Pty Ltd”


Step 7

Click the “Trust” button when the pop-up appears


Step 8

Your app will now work, so you can return to the home page, enter the app and see the full findings.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our website or get in touch with your local PwC representative.

Please enjoy our survey findings.

2017 CEO Survey news release

News release

NZ CEOs maintain business confidence as skills diversify and new risks emerge.

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